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From choosing a trusted contractor or interior designer to selecting the laminates, paint colours, floor tiles, wall tiles and so on, everything can be easily coordinated when you have a contractor who can gives you good advice.

While you at it, don’t forget that lightings are an important aspect of a space, be it an office, to a restaurant and your home. There are many well regarded lighting designers who have created modern and timeless designs that are almost art pieces.

Firstly identify your lighting requirements, which space requires task lighting, ambient lighting, a decorative light fixture or a centrepiece? Will a pendant light, ceiling light, wall light or a chandelier be the best for the space?

The lighting in your home affects how you feel and behave. It’s not just about the practical functionality, so the more control you have over your lights, the better. With a few different light sources, you can easily change the mood to suit whatever you’re doing in any living space. From creating a romantic atmosphere to cooking up a storm, and everything in between.

Various Types of Lightings
Hanging Lights and Pendant Lamps  Crystal chandeliers may not in vogue now as they are replaced by pendant lightings that come in different shapes and designs to fit your decor.

Track Lights – Track lights are easy to set up and easily adjustable to suit your lighting needs. You can choose to adjust the angle of light projection and remove a track light to dim the space.

Wall Lights – Wall lamps are now trending in the modern home thanks to smaller and classy pieces that fit the compact-sized urban homes.

Explore the latest and a wide range of designs at an online lighting shop in Singapore.

Bedside Lamps – A bedside lamp hanging from each side of the bed saves space and doubles up as a reading and ambient lighting.

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